Nasturtiums flower with color, scent

Easy to grow, with appealing blue-green leaves and vibrant flowers, nasturtiums are an excellent annual for the front of the garden. The flowers smell delightful and may draw in hummingbirds. Leaves and flowers are edible, imparting a peppery accent to salads and sandwiches.

Flowers can be yellow, orange, mahogany or red. Oldfashioned varieties have a trailing routine, perfect for trellises or hanging baskets. More recent cultivars are compact bed linen plants.

Native to the mountains of South America, nasturtiums are well-adapted to high altitudes.

this hyperlink They choose sandy, welldrained soil that isn't really too fertile and ample wetness, but theyre drought-tolerant. If planted in heavy clay, beware of overwatering. Dappled shade or morning sun is advised.

Plants began with seed sown in late May will flower from summer till killed by frost.

If you discover aphids on the leaves, knock them off with a strong spray of water.

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